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    Hi folks, as you can see from my post count I'm new here.

    Despite being a programmer (Windows these days) I've only just entered the smart phone world with a Lumia 620 though I have had an iPod touch for a few years.

    I'm really hoping that someone can direct me to a half decent simple music player that doesn't try and bundle a load of other stuff up with playing my music or impress me with whizzy graphics.

    All I want to do is click on a tile that takes me straight to my music (and quickly please) and to be able to navigate by artist, album or song with the minimum scrolling and no wasted screen area. Everything I've seen so far, including the standard offerings, is woeful compared to what is on my iPod touch (And trust me, I'm no fanboi).


    04-30-2013 02:52 PM
  2. andrewkeith5's Avatar
    Hi Jeremy,

    I'm struggling to understand what makes the standard Music + Videos app so bad for you? All your tracks/artists/playlists/genres are 2 taps from the homescreen if you have it pinned (open the app > music), shuffle all is 2 taps (open the app > play button at the bottom), to get to where you were is 2 taps (open the app, tap on the album cover of now playing)?

    I haven't used an iPod touch but I'm struggling to think of anything that could be more simple?

    04-30-2013 04:21 PM
  3. JeremyDJC's Avatar

    • For a start I don't need the top quarter of the screen wasted with the text "music+" in a huge font, I know it's music thanks.And the sub heading that says "collection is pretty much wasted space too.
    • Secondly I'd really like to go straight to my music without having to click 'music', I'll never play videos, I rarely listen to podcasts and if I do I'm happy for that to be a separate app or some extra clicks and I'll never be buying my music from the store.
    • Once I've gone to my music I'm a clever lad so I can see what letter of the alphabet my artists start with so the tiles with letters in are completely wasted space again (although an index page with all the letters in tiles so I can go straight to items beginning with 'm' would be great).
    • Once I've gone into the album there's more wasted space (nearly 20% of the screen area I'd guess) as it's telling me these are "songs", err yes, that's why I'm here.
    • Also, it should be smart enough to work out that all the tracks on the album are by the same artist rather than repeating the artist name under each track name. I'd rather see more track names.

    In general it's just sloppy, it smacks of being programmed to play with all the new toys from the library rather than with a thought to efficient use of screen area and an intuitive UI.
    05-01-2013 02:50 AM

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