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    So, as part of my usual morning routine, I checked the weather, traffic and social media to see what to expect on my normally ~30 minute commute. Twitter alerted to a vehicle accident on Clairmont Rd (at 5:30am) that was being cleaned up at 7:10am (I normally leave around 8am).

    Because of this: Before leaving the house at 7:55, I checked Cortana and Here+ to see if the accident had cleared. Sure enough, both Cortana and Here+ showed that my commute time would be a semi-normal 33 minutes. So off I went.... into MAJOR traffic. It turns out, Clairmont road was CLOSED due to power lines down (from the wreck). Needless to say I was very late to work (1hr 15 min commute today).

    So what happened? It turns out that Nokia Here+ (and Cortana) were seeing Clairmont Rd as "green" because there was no traffic on it... but in all reality, there was no traffic because it was CLOSED. Normally, I would have shrugged this off, but after speaking with my wife, I realized that both Google Maps AND Apple Maps showed that the road was closed! Why doesn't Here+? (And for those that claim that Mapquest is the answer - it didn't show it either).

    I took a screen shot of the difference (sorry, wife didn't send me the Google maps screenshot, but it showed very similar to Apple Maps): the wreck was on Clairmont Rd (US 23, GA Hwy 155), just south of North Druid Hills Rd.

    Nokia Here+:


    Apple Maps:

    This is a pretty big 'thing' that should be looked at... knowing that road was closed would have completely altered my chosen route. Was this just a one-time thing, or has anyone else ran into this with Here+ (or Cortana, or MapQuest)?
    08-22-2014 09:09 AM

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