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MapMyRun Won't Let Me Draw My Route


New member
Jan 7, 2019
I'm using MapMyRun on a Windows 10 desktop. From the top menu, I chose Routes > Create Route. I click to set the starting point of my run. I click at the next point in the run, where the route makes a right turn. So far, so good.

I go down that street and click again. Now, for some reason, MMR wants to send me off on a three-mile detour through some alien subdivision. I back up and click closer to the previous point. No joy: it's still trying to guide me on a voyage around the world.

That's if I have checked the box for "Auto Follow Roads." You'd think that would mean, if I'm going down a road, stay on the bloody road.

Apparently not. Unchecking that box prevents the uncooperative, recalcitrant, resistentialist behavior just described: now it plows straight ahead, as desired.

But, new problem: speaking of bloody, the line turns from blue to red. Help - I've undergone a political revolution! More to the point, I'm no longer auto-following roads. How could I have possibly expected that? Now the road curves, but not me: I'm locked dead ahead, through hedge and hollow.

As is usually the case in such conflicts, what we would really like to see, here, is a golden mean, a happy balance: don't drive me across backyard and bayou; don't steer my three-mile run through Sri Lanka; just follow the damn road until I tell you to turn.

Is there a magical way to do that, so as to make MMR usable?

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