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  1. M0TH3R_FR4GG3R's Avatar
    I have always been on production build, since Windows 10 was released officially for Lumia 640 XL. Yesterday I updated my Lumia to latest Creator Update Build 15063.297
    After installing I was unable to open WhatsApp at all, as soon as I press it, a black screen appears for 1 second and it sends me back to My Start Screen.
    So I did a full hard reset today, did not install any apps, updated all system apps and settings, and installed WhatsApp Messenger. Still the same, I cannot open the app at all.
    The App does NOT open even for 1 second and it crashes back to wherever I was before that. Tried everything possible. Please help.
    I have already done a HARD RESET 2 times to check this bug, everything uninstalled except WhatsApp and system apps (which cannot be uninstalled).
    Please HELP !
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    05-16-2017 04:52 AM

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