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    I just broke my iPhone and bought a Nokia Lumia 520 as a replacement.
    I am trying to follow the instructions to check my voicemail however the instructions start with touching the phone icon which I have done.
    Immediately after that it goes to the visual voicemail screen listed in step #4, so I turn on my phone, touch the phone icon and I see #4 in these instructions below.

    Setup Visual Voicemail (VVM) with the Nokia Lumia 920- AT&T GoPhone Support

    It is a brand new phone I didn't set up any passwords or anything to do with voicemail.
    I received a text that my voicemail password (not my "visual" voicemail password) has been reset to the last seven digits of my phone number.
    If I attempt to enter that number it accepts it for about 8 seconds and goes to a screen that says "checking for new voicemail messages" (also shown in step 5 of the above directions)
    Then immediately it goes back to the "enter your voicemail password" screen in step #4.
    07-26-2014 09:51 AM

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