1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    I have been using WP (L925) since 6 months, i feel WP has the potential to take over any other Mobile OS that's trending in the market now. often people complain about lack of apps in WP. i feel that its not lack of apps, rather it is lack of features such a below

    1. Vibrate the phone once the call is answered by the receiver.
    2. Able to send sms by tapping the call history of a contact
    3. Remove contact photo
    4. Able to play songs in the background during the call
    5. Provide a better battery life
    6. Provide an UI which is similar to Symbian OS
    7. Better usage of folder feature.
    8. Any thing you feel that i missed.
    08-05-2014 09:02 AM
  2. TheMightyCraken's Avatar
    08-05-2014 09:13 AM
  3. colinkiama's Avatar
    Play Songs in the Background during call? Don't you want to be focusing on the conversation you're having?
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    08-05-2014 09:17 AM
  4. S640's Avatar
    Sounds like you just want a different OS.
    08-05-2014 09:19 AM
  5. muvig's Avatar
    No 2 is already there
    08-05-2014 09:19 AM
  6. Manoj Daran's Avatar
    Basic feature: Cannot edit nos. in the Caller id!! :(

    If the number to be edited stands in the middle, I cannot edit it, solution is to delete all the numbers until I reach that. What I meant to say is, if you mistakenly typed the numbers[While dialing] and wanted to correct only a single digit [which lies in the middle], you cannot edit it by clicking on the no. You ll have to delete all the nos. that comes after it.
    08-05-2014 09:26 AM
  7. Abdullah Jamal's Avatar
    The only thing I feel missing is "USB OTG" feature. As, having L920, no memory slot is sometimes painful.......and having OTG feature would really come in handy!!
    & a better battery life would be awesome
    08-05-2014 09:28 AM

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