Surface Laptop 3 vs Macbook Pro 2020 10th Gen ??


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Jun 12, 2020
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For many years, in my previous "life" I was a systems engineer.

In my current job I use the computer essentially to work with many office applications at the same time, browsing Internet with many tabs open, time to time some Adobe Indesign work, and also to trim some long 1080p videos.

After passing many years using windows workstations and servers and also the same with some Linux, I decided to purchase in 2014 a Macbook.

To me having only a good OS is not enough if the applications you need do not exist or do not work well with that OS.

Is like to have the best communications network with the best Cisco devices without having the servers with the necessary data to feed that network...

So my first touch with MacOS was really disappointed...just to give you one of the many examples: That time I created a table with Pages. After I copied it and paste it to Mail. And Mail transformed it in an image... However if in the middle I paste it into Word, and after copied from Word to Mail, surprising Mail was not transforming it to a table... So, I needed to use an application from another manufacturer (Microsoft) to avoid that Mail issue...

Switching to Microsoft Office for Mac, this one was very poor that time...

And I was missing several tools/ways to do the things to be productive like I was using Windows: missing the possibility to right click a file with the option send it by Outlook, the possibility to quickly switch between different different windows from the same application using a combination of keys and not just the possibility to quickly switch between different applications, etc

So, for some years I used Windows with Bootcamp....Yes, for several years I used a Macbook Pro only working with Windows...

But this year I returned again to MacOS. Was possible to me to add it the good things I had with Windows: possibility to switch between different windows of the same application, closing the applications clicking in the red button when no more windows are open from that application, added to Finder the possibility to cut and paste files and folder and many other features, use of F2 to edit cells in Excel and not the need to use CTRL+U anymore and the same of F4 to block the cells, etc....even can accept an manage calls of my Android mobile phone with MacOs.

I miss the different magnific prefessional desktop images that Windows toasts me daily, that is not a must, but is nice to start my day.

With that, and since now finally Microsoft Office is good (almost like the Windows version) and with the returned surprising feeling of the superb trackpad (with the multi gestures), I was enjoying MacOS on my old Macbook very much, even knowing the Office to Windows works a little better and is better integrated with the OS.
Was so happy that I purchased a new Macbook Pro 10th gen processor. Received it, but I was a little disappointed with it...comes hot around the trackpad (place to rest the hands), do not seems so much quick than my old (2013 model) Macbook, and there are people reporting (and even returning the Macbooks) because several lags when editing 1080p videos with iMovie or Quick Player (that not happens with my old Macbook)...

Also was not liking so much the lack of USB-A (that I use much), the fact that not has anymore a magnetic charger connection and the possibility to replace the SSD....(in my old Macbook, the SSD started to present problems, and I simple needed to purchase a new one and replaced by myself).

Yesterday I went to a shop to see other things and find myself trying a Surface Laptop 3.

The first thing I was surprised was with the fact the Trackpads for Windows are indeed much better now...I was doing all the multi gestures I need and in a easy way...and even knows now a way to work with the Apple Magic Trackpad with Windows 10.

The screen was not so nice like the one from the Macbook Pro (somehow reflective)...the same with the Keyboard (is good) but with the keys perhaps a little to much separated to my small hands.
But has USB -A, even if only has and USB-C that is not Thunderbolt. Also has touch screen, what I will not use much, but is nice to sign documents or to draw something, Wifi 6 (the new Macbook still only with Wifi 5), and magnetic charging connector . And has Windows Hello that allows to login only by face reading.
Also has the premium feeling of the Macbook. Also Windows 10 integrates better with my Android Phone with the Mobile Phone application..

But was surprised me most was how super-fast is opening Word, Excel or Powerpoint!!! Was a blast! In the same shop we placed side by side a new Macbook Pro 2020 10th Gen and opened with it Pages, Numbers or Keynote, and was indeed, much slower!
My daughter and wife felt the same....And this was using the Surface with i5....

If I purchase the i7 with the smaller SSD and after changed it to a bigger SSD (yes the user can change it), in the end will cost me much less some hundred euros...

The only thing I will miss will be the super-fast (at least in my old Macbook Pro) video editing (just trim 1080p videos)...Windows 10 has the Photos application that is also fast editing those kinds of videos, but not allows for instance to remove a part from the middle of a video.

I have some more days to return the new Macbook and now do not know exactly what to do...

What do you think?

And sorry for my English

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