1. Samantha Payne's Avatar
    This morning my phone decided remount the memory card and then move all my memory card contents to a folder called Other.

    I can see this by going into the storage sense section on the mobile and it shows a folder called other where it says memory card and says

    "These file types that we don't recognise and which didn't fit in with the rest. You can try connecting your phone to your computer and managing them there"

    Problem is when you connect your mobile it cannot see the other folder, even though it shows the spaced used. How on earth am I supposed to sort them when i cannot see the folder.

    This is another problem with Update 1 that i can see, i currently have another post in the system regarding not being able to keep my chosen ringtone and it resets into over the horizon on every reboot.

    Previous dev update was fine, everything worked correctly and no problems, seems GDR1 is slightly buggy, can they roll it back and call it update 2?
    08-11-2014 07:25 AM

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