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I can't move my files to the local drive


New member
Mar 6, 2022
Last year, my computer had an issue with a port and it had to be sent back to Dell for repair. I backed up all my files to OneDrive before I sent it because I didn't have storage large enough to back my files to. They told me they would probably have to reset everything and I'd lose all my files.

When I got my computer back, I reinstalled Microsoft Office including OneDrive and tried to pull all my files back to the local drive so I can get rid of the subscription. I can't seem to get them back to the local drive. I see the folders but when I open the folder, it just shows big gray X's in place of the files. I also don't want to subscribe to OneDrive anymore.

Can someone tell me exactly how to get all my files on to the local drive so I can get rid of OneDrive?