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    I have a Lumia 920 I've long since replaced and want to sell while it's still worth something. I had installed 8.1 on it using Preview for Developers. I noticed trying to research asking price, unlocked phones were fetching a higher price. I researched unlocking it and found, after getting the unlock code from my carrier, I could enter ##7820# to bring up sim unlock screen. It worked fine on a 1520 I'm also selling but on the 920 I would see the beginning of page change animation and it would just go to a blank screen (this was addressed but not really answered here in your forums). I solved that problem by rolling the 920 back to WP 8. Unlocked no problem. To finally get to my question, I have now reinstalled WP 8.1 through Preview for Developers (where sim unlock page won't show) and have no idea if my sim unlocking stuck through the process. Anyone know the answer? My only thought if someone can't help is to revert to WP 8 again, check there, then reinstall 8.1 one more time. A couple hours of babysitting an old phone I'd rather spend doing something else if anyone already has done that or knows the answer. Thanks!
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