1. Force2Reckon's Avatar
    just two weeks ago, ive received an update for my maps
    its said, an update is available and ready for DL, and surprisingly it said it was 0 byte(s)
    but still, i updated my phone (L620)

    now when i tried to open my HERE maps, all of a sudden, i can no longer view my maps
    the green dot that signify my location is still visible, but the pedestrian, satellite, public transportation views are no longer visible

    the caption for my location says "unknown location"

    i tried to uninstall/install HERE maps, but the results is still the same
    has anyone experienced this after recently we just had another update on maps?

    is the update meant for 8.1? because im still on 8.0
    08-19-2014 06:29 AM
  2. Force2Reckon's Avatar
    08-20-2014 02:34 AM

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