1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    Guys, I bought a Lumia 1520.3 from the "used" department at B&H for $349. It's great and works well with t-mobile.

    What would actually happen if I put a Verizon nano SIM into the phone? Would I get 4G LTE service? Voice? Anything?

    08-20-2014 06:38 PM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    Now, considering that it's a pentaband device, you'd at least get voice and data (not sure about LTE, though.)

    I'm betting on the device supporting Verizon's bands.
    08-20-2014 06:50 PM
  3. CX1's Avatar
    Any update on this working or not?
    09-18-2014 03:29 PM
  4. garak0410's Avatar
    Any update on this? I've got a 1520.3 that id love to get working on Verizon. It is unlocked too...
    11-02-2014 10:42 AM
  5. garak0410's Avatar
    I've landed with another 1520.3 but my workplace is still on Verizon...still no way to get this to work?
    03-28-2015 02:46 PM
  6. RumoredNow's Avatar
    So far as I know, Verizon only allows Verizon branded phones on their network. A 1520.3 would fail to match their tables of allowed devices by IMEI number.
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    03-28-2015 02:57 PM

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