1. WPCentral Question's Avatar

    I am using Preview for developer and on Wp8.1 with recent upgrade (2-3 days back).....In order to get Lumia Cyan, I need to un-install these PFD and then I need to upgrade to Cyan update...

    Just wanted to know if I dont upgrade to Cyan, what all I am missing....

    IS it worth to put 2 hrs of effort in downgrading and then upgrade?

    Thanks in advance
    08-21-2014 03:05 AM
  2. naveenow's Avatar
    If you are using 930 or 1520 then Lumia Cyan contains some features...
    For all other Lumia devices nothing new when compared to DP WP 8.1.
    08-21-2014 04:41 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    OS updates are typically delivered (official ones) with two pieces. The actual OS, Windows Phone 8.1 in this case, and the manufacturer's firmware. (here its Lumia Cyan for Nokia phones)

    The Developer Preview only delivers the OS part, so now the OS is saddles with a firmware designed for say, Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3, so things might not work as well as they could.

    I would expect firmware updates like Cyan to improve battery life, performance, and other minor things. Just smoothing over the rough edges.

    But a problem arised as we all know. You could always just sit tight and wait for MS to issue a fix, enabling direct updates from the Developer Preview.
    08-21-2014 03:01 PM
  4. naveenow's Avatar
    Bit locker issue cannot be solved... 80% sure... After a long wait, automatically ever DP users try to use NSRT and update to Lumia Cyan...
    08-21-2014 10:18 PM
  5. rubenwidjaja's Avatar
    I notice my photos using wp 8.1 pfd is really bad, really grainy
    after I do reset to cyan, it become better and less grainy, I satisfied downgrade to cyan
    09-14-2014 02:49 AM

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