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    Hi. I am wondering if I add my Comcast-hosted Exchange account that i use at my office to my windows phone 8 phone, will the contacts also become backed up on the windows phone backup on Microsoft server that automatically backs up my regular contacts that are on or associated with the Hotmail account that Microsoft created when i created my MS Account when i installed windows 8.1 on my personal tablet? I'd rather not have my work contacts and email end up on the MS server for my windows phone. There is statement in the add an account menu under Outlook that says if you are adding a business Exchange account, that your network administrator will be able to remotely delete your content and settings from your phone. I am not too concerned about that, because I am the "network" administrator here, although we only have a work-group and our server is now cloud based. I do wonder: can the admin only delete Outlook related content and settings or does the admin get control over the whole phone. And is the network administrator me (the local guy) or is that referring to the admin of the whole Comcast Exchange. Thanks for your assistance on this.
    08-21-2014 03:16 PM

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