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    I've got a new 930... I was really excited until I found out that the are some apps and games I cannot download on it.
    First: HERE City Lens. My phone have everything it takes to run such an app, but why? It says: "Resolution not supported". Anyone else?
    Second: My region is set to UK, since my voucher is GBP. And I found out that both Modern Combat 4 and 5 are NOT available in search results. When I use direct links, MC4 says - with a pop-up - "This item is not available in the Store" and MC5 says that it is not available in this region. When I switched to US, MC4 became available, but MC5 didn't.
    I cannot switch to other region because I don't have any balance other than my GBP voucher. So, if anybody have a solution, please help...
    08-29-2014 09:42 PM

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