1. dailynail's Avatar
    I can't believe I'm having to ask such a dumb question but I've changed my MS password online and OneNote etc all work in the browser. However on my Lumia 620 running 8.1 I don't have an option to change password, so my backups don't run etc. If I go to settings and tap my MS account there's no option to logout or change password??

    Any help appreciated!
    08-30-2014 08:08 AM
  2. ShinraCorp's Avatar
    That is interesting... I didn't even know you can't change passwords. Can you try adding a duplicate account with the correct password?
    08-30-2014 09:07 AM
  3. sameermehta2's Avatar
    I don't think you can change it on the phone you will need to hard reset and the account, but still try searching the forums,I read somewhere that there was a way to change the Microsoft account
    08-30-2014 09:10 AM
  4. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    You should get a attention message. Because the system can't log in.

    Btw there are no stupid questions only stupid answers. ;)
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    08-30-2014 09:10 AM
  5. dailynail's Avatar
    Thanks, I found a comment elsewhere that at some point the phone will just ask for the new password. Unsatisfactory though, why so little control over something so important?
    08-30-2014 09:53 AM
  6. sameermehta2's Avatar
    Where did you find the comment, I'd you would have noticed it was same with BlackBerry s also earlier OS you had to take backup and wipe the entire phone and then restore it,I don't know what ssgt was trying to say anyways
    08-30-2014 09:59 AM
  7. ShinraCorp's Avatar
    Thanks, I found a comment elsewhere that at some point the phone will just ask for the new password. Unsatisfactory though, why so little control over something so important?
    Actually just manually sync your email the error should pop up....
    08-30-2014 09:59 AM
  8. sameermehta2's Avatar
    @shinracorp it will prompt for a password but he wont be able to download any apps from app store correct me if I am wrong
    08-30-2014 10:03 AM
  9. ShinraCorp's Avatar
    Correct since downloading apps requires a logged in account. That's why manually syncing the email will prompt saying the password is incorrect please enter it again.
    08-30-2014 10:06 AM
  10. dailynail's Avatar
    It still hasn't asked for my new password and my backup still always fails but I can download apps, what the hell is going on here. Bizarre that there's no way of manually updating the password with a new one. Apple could teach MS a thing or ten here. Oh and holding down on my account name and syncing works too, and OneDrive is logged in. Mind you looking on here there's plenty of us with failed backups.
    08-31-2014 01:48 PM
  11. sameermehta2's Avatar
    Yes backups are somewhat .... Hmm
    09-01-2014 12:50 AM
  12. willslumia's Avatar
    This Update has completely stuffed my 920. It reverted my phone to a Microsoft Account that I had some 15+years ago, and not the one that I have with my phone and PC. Worse still Microsoft don't know about it either. No backup available cant update Apps, there are a dozen apps there where it says "Your Attention Is Required" but I can't because I have no password to log in.
    I had a beautifully working Phone before the update, but stupid me allowed MS Windows to update, should have known better.
    09-01-2014 01:13 AM

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