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I cant sign in on my computer


New member
Jul 23, 2020
Hello, i decided to wipe my hard drive clean yesterday since i was really running out of space. The problem is though that after it was done, im greeted with a "Other User" sign in option and none of my passwords or username works. I still have access to my Microsoft account but my pc is custom built and the usb wifi drivers arent installed now. Also someone has access to my emails even after i have changed my password and they are attempting to steal valuable data aka debit cards/bank info/ pay pal information and I'm honestly not sure what i can do to make this JUST STOP. Please help me , help myself so i can not deal with this crap!

I have a windows 10 desktop, I've held down shift while restarting but it says I don't have adminstration rights. I've changed my password for my Microsoft account and tried that, I currently don't have internet on it since it's custom not sure if that would fix the problem. Please help ;-!

me just saying

Active member
May 17, 2020
what do you mean by wiped harddrive clean. was it a second harddrive? did you do a free space cleanup? or what? If it was the main drive. how did you install the OS? did you use a backup? also how do you know some one else has access to your email?

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