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    Now when its turned on its showing a smiley on a blue screen and then it turns off. My understanding from reading online is that the update did not install correctly. I NEED A FIX AND I NEED MY DATA!!!

    So, suddenly my phone shows there's an update. I am ecstatic coz I have *always* has issues getting updates and here this time it was showing up on my phone as its supposed to.... I should have known better...

    I am beyond sick and tried of windows now. I am 10 year Nokia user and I am pretty sure this is my last Nokia and first and last windows phone. I was one of the earliest Lumia 920 users... And have had a horrible experience. For the first 6 months, it couldn't be unlocked to be used outside the US. And I was moving out.... So I carried a brick with me that whole time. Ever since then one or another thing had not been working... and every time I would look up for a fix, it turned out there was an update but some how my phone not only misses it but couldn't get it no matter what I do. Finally I was able to go to one of the rare Nokia centers in Brazil. The guys were nice enough to get the US version of the much delayed Lumia update for my phone. After that I was sure my problems were over and it worked pretty good.... And now this.... I am sick of not being able to rely on a device that is supposed to work pretty good. I am lost confidence now for good. I would appreciate if some how I can find a way to recover my data so I can leave this crappy phone behind. If not... then this is the last time windows phone is hurting me... I am determined not to give it another chance... I have had to wait, loose my data or work with a degraded device for far too long now.
    09-21-2014 11:53 PM

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