1. WPCentral Question's Avatar
    I'm thinking about switching VROM my iPhone to a Windows phone.
    My Wife however is very fond of her iPhone and does not want to switch.
    We share our contacts and agenda with iCloud.
    So to keep everything going smoothly wp8.1 souls have full syncing with iCloud contacts and agenda.
    Is that the case?
    I must be able to use the contacts and agenda and add appointments and contacts to it.
    10-12-2014 09:54 AM
  2. Legoboyii's Avatar
    I'm not sure, non google androids and cyanogen mod are okay. But I wouldn't be caught dead using an apple product or service o.o

    Since OneDrive is what's integrated, yould have to manually sync things and add your calendar to the calendar app available built in. If there is an iCloud app that is in the windows store. I know there's Dropbox but I don't know about iCloud.
    10-12-2014 10:01 AM

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