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    I own a small business and im in and out of customers home all day long. i need to have specific documents signed and certain forms filled out and i need pictures of the whole job. Once all the right documents are filled out and all pictures are taken id like to email them to the office in one readable and printable folder. I've gathered that I need to make the documents PDFs but I'm still not sure where I can store them copy them fill them out and then send all in one program. Any thoughts?? Thanks
    12-15-2014 03:47 PM
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    What you want to do is pretty easy but requires a couple third party apps. If looking at creating stand alone packages, Acrobat XI would suffice - always find it clumsy though with forms tied to databases because they seem to go out of their way to make sure you can't use one product solutions. There are also a couple decent form creation apps in the app store. I like Smartforms 365 although it is initially annoyingly non-intuitive. The developer seems to think that you were sitting next to them when they put it together and understand things as if they are self explanatory, Once you get past that though it is a useful program.

    With all that said, however, I cannot in good conscience recommend SP3 as a solution for this type of need. It should be perfect for it but I find the hardware less and less reliable. This is largely due for me to what has become a saga with support that will have me recommending other products in my own organization if not fixed quickly and correctly this time. Long and short of it is the 11/18 firmware update killed my original SP3 and when I tried to install the update on the replacement, it could not install on that either and, day by day, the problems that occurred on the first are becoming apparent on the second. Support has tried to be helpful but even with advanced exchanges, by the time the third one arrives, it will have been 30 days of unreliability or flat out downtime for the machine billed to be my desktop, laptop, and tablet replacement. I also fully expect that when I try to update the firmware on the replacement of the replacement the same problem will occur again. If you look around the web you will find plenty of complaints about the last few firmware updates. Either they are not being testing sufficiently or there are a lot of machines with defective components coming off the line. BTW, the update is not optional since it does have some fixes and adds access to necessary customizations off the pen and start button.

    At this point, I have to say we have had better luck with a buggy Dell Venue Pro 11. Personally, for your need (and mine) I am inclined to recommend one of the new super light ultrabooks. SP3 has let me down too many times. In fact, I will need to go buy another machine tonight so that I can actually get some stuff done while I wait for the latest replacement to be processed. Application bugs I accept. Firmware and driver problems are unacceptable and having the identical problems on a replacement device takes the subject of unacceptable to new levels. Take this FWIW....
    12-15-2014 06:06 PM

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