Troubles With Locking The Title of OneDrive Folders And Preventing Them From Being Deleted

Zachary Turner

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Mar 2, 2020
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Hi all,
The company I work for is relatively new to OneDrive and we're trying to ascertain if we can prevent our folders from being renamed or deleted by our users. We still need them to be able to add/remove/create/delete files within the folders. I've experimented with special permissions and advanced settings for folders local to Windows 10, and while I was able to achieve this one one machine in our OneDrive Folder Structure, we need it to be done through OneDrive instead of Windows 10 folder permissions. Of course, the manual workaround to this is going through each and every folder on OneDrive on every computer we have, and we'll be adding new folders for different purposes on the fly so this, practically, is not an option for us. We're a startup about 30 people strong with about 15 who regularly access our OneDrive from our 5 terminals. If this following information helps, we have Office 365 Business Premium and Essentials licenses which is how we are using OneDrive. Please let me know if anyone has been able to do this or if you have anything to contribute. Thank you!

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