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    I bought my first widows phone, Lumia 535 yesterday but I can't download any apps. The store downloads the app, then goes on to install but stops about 80% through..
    It gives me a error message telling to try again later or check error no.80070091 for which I can't find any info..

    I would upload a screenshot but don't know how, though it doesn't say anything other than this..

    Thank you for any ideas how to solve this!
    01-14-2015 01:10 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Are your date, time and region correct?
    01-14-2015 01:16 AM
  3. bedy83's Avatar
    Yeah all of that is set up correctly.. This is what the error message looks like
    01-14-2015 01:40 AM
  4. hotphil's Avatar
    What's the symbol next to "3G"? To me, and I don't have a device with this, it looks like a "SD card not available"-type icon. Might be relevant if you're trying to install to SD card.
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    01-14-2015 01:50 AM
  5. bedy83's Avatar
    I think it's a symbol for not inserted second SIM card, as the phone is Double SIM. I have some songs on the SD card and I can play them, so there shouldn't be a problem with the SD card..
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    01-14-2015 02:04 AM
  6. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    Check storagesense and force your phone to install apps in your phone memory and not on the sd.
    So you can rule the sd card out ;)
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    01-14-2015 02:10 AM
  7. bedy83's Avatar
    It does work when installing to phone instead of SD card, however it's only a half solution to the issue.
    Hopefully someone else will have other idea of how to solve it so I can save apps to SD card.

    Thank you for the effort so far! :-)
    01-14-2015 02:20 AM
  8. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    Well, i believe you have a full answer..it can write to phone but not to your sd cart.
    What do you guess ;-)

    Music files are a lot less critical than appdata.
    01-14-2015 03:13 AM
  9. Harrie-S's Avatar
    Not all apps can be installed on a SD card some need to be installed on the internal memory.
    So try some other apps.
    If non of them can be installed on the SD card I would recommend to format your SD card. (use the phone) and try again.
    01-14-2015 03:24 AM
  10. SSgt Bruskowiz's Avatar
    Apps which cannot be installed on sd cart will give you a notification during installation.

    I am a light user concerning apps, so i have all my apps on phone memory.
    Somehow apps loading slower when they are installed on sd cart.
    At least that's my experience.
    01-14-2015 03:41 AM

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