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    I've looked up the specs for the 830 extensively but the reason I ask is because the size of the 830 scares me a bit. I'm not a fan of enormous smartphones. I'm upgrading from a blackberry bold so that's why I want a size efficient phone. However can you guys tell me if the the 635 is powered low enough for me to ignore the bigger size of the 830? Is the 635 not even worth it anymore and will it keep up with the recent and future windows os updates?
    01-16-2015 06:58 AM
  2. Athull's Avatar
    Then get a 730? It should be a perfect phone for you.
    If 730 isn't available then definitely the 830 and its not really that big you should easily get used to the size in a few days.
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    01-16-2015 07:45 AM
  3. srcpt's Avatar
    I like my 635.

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    01-16-2015 07:47 AM
  4. Sameer Modasra's Avatar
    Original poster here,

    I should add that only the 520, 635, 830 , and 1520 are available to me. That said, the 635 or the 830 are my top contenders.
    01-16-2015 07:58 AM
  5. Athull's Avatar
    Surely the 830 then, trust me 5 inch isn't really huge especially considering 830 doesnt have huge bezels. The 635 got huge bezels for a 4.5" phone and thus the size difference between the 2 isn't that huge.
    Also 830 offers an excellent camera and screen quality coupled with 1gb Ram making it more future proof.
    01-16-2015 09:22 AM

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