Which should I get? The Latest Ipad Pro? Or a Microsoft Surface pro 6?

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Sep 23, 2019
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Hi guys, been meaning to get a tablet for a while. The reason I want a tablet is

1. For school

2. My smartphone is running out of space

3. Everything is becoming an app

4. I love drawing.

However I looked at both of them and I'm confused which to get? The Surface Pro is a laptop trying to be a tablet, while it is the opposite for the Ipad.

The Ipad is great for playing games (Which I won't do btw), has the most advanced pen than the surface pro (even self charging).

Problem? I haven't used an Apple product before. It's been already a year now, does the Ipad support the Adobe programs and a mouse? Or not yet?

For the MS Surface Pro, I can familiarize the software like I do with my laptop (not trying to replace my laptop).

However, it doesn't support games (Again, which I won't do anyways). It supports the mentioned programs, but it is too pricy. I do hear the cash is worth it.

Both sizes are good, they are both good with drawing and taking notes (Do they support the MS words?).

So which one should I buy?


Nov 15, 2017
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So which one should I buy?
, do you have any requirements for your school? If not and if the Surface Pen works for you (try both the Apple and Surface pens) I would lean to the Surface Pro. Here is a pros list for both devices:

Ipad Pro:
+ better battery life (because of iOS) and always on is better than with Intel / Surface pro (with Surface you may want to use Hibernate to prevent battery drain between nights)
+ iOS build for touch support first (smoother animations etc)
+ more apps with touch support
+ pen is supposedly smoother in drawing
+ pen wireless charging
+ more compact design (/smaller bezels, lighter weight)
+ not sure about this but I think slightly better igpu (but since you don't play games this is not so important)

Surface Pro:
+ Pro is cheaper for the specs/features you get especially since you can use a SD card for more storage
+ real keyboard mouse support (on iOS it is not so good) and great keyboard/touchpad cover, the touch part is good with MS/Office and UWP apps.
+ better browser support (Edge best for touch, Firefox best for privacy, Chrome etc.). With Edge you can pin websites to the start menu / taskbar combined with an adblocker (Ublock Origin) this is in certain ways a better experience than using apps.
+ win32/.exe support and not bound to a closed ecosystem
+ pen has handy buttons
+ better port selection (might be a good idea to wait for SP 7 if you want USB C)
+ kickstand
+ Pro 6 has faster (quadcore) cpu (i5/i7)

As for build quality and reliability I think they are about even, with the Surface Pro probably a bit sturdier and the Ipad with iOS a bit more reliable (though with the latest versions of Windows you can easily rollback a big update in case there is a bug).
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