1. ReconVirus's Avatar
    So my primary account has my gamer tag attached to it while my secondary has a random gamer tag attach to it as well by mistake. Instead of playing musical chairs with creating a third account and move everything every where.(process takes close to a year to completely)

    Cant i just switch the email names around?

    On a PC Browser, log in to your Microsoft account. Add a new email. Make it primary. wait about 24 hours then delete the old address. It then takes about 48 hours for the servers to all catch up and the change will be permanent on your phone as well as everywhere else. You do not loose data or purchase history


    Set 1
    Primary: Abc@outlook.com
    Secondary: Xyz@outlook.com

    Set 2
    Primary: Abc@outlook.com
    Secondary: Xyz@outlook.com
    --aliase: Jkl@outlook (add jkl alias)

    Set 3
    Primary: Abc@outlook.com
    Secondary: Jkl@outlook.com(primary for this account, removed xyz email)

    Set 4
    Primary: Abc@outlook.com
    --alias:xyz@outlook.com(add xyz as a alias for primary)
    Secondary: Jkl@outlook.com

    Set 5
    Primary: Xyz@outlook.com(delete abc)
    Secondary: Jkl@outlook.com

    Will this work instead?

    If I delete xyz account, will the name of xyz become available again in the future?
    02-14-2015 04:44 AM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    You can try it in stages and wait in between to make sure the changes take hold...

    Really this is bucking the trend of common wisdom that says you can't shift your Microsoft Account's email address without hard reset on your phone. We are a bit into uncharted territory here.

    I have noticed that I seem to be having issue with my Skype after getting everything else shifted off my old Gmail. I can't change new Outlook to primary as it refuses my password in new form or old and I never logged into Skype other than via Microsoft Account. Gamer Tags are not my area... Sorry.

    Perhaps a call to Customer Care would serve you better in shifting Gamer Tags? microsoft customer care - Bing

    It's on my list to call them about my Skype issue.
    02-14-2015 10:21 AM

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