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    I'm totally at a loss of at this program. It is insane.

    I have a PC. It has a Music folder with about 161 artists and 1600 songs. Music is organized \Music\Artist\Album. Songs are all .wma files from rips and older iTunes. There are 21 of the songs were purchased on through Xbox music in \Music\Xbox Music\Purchases/Artist\Album. The only place it looks for Music is (supposedly) C:\Users\Name\Music.

    I copied the same music folder onto OneDrive (for backup). I copied the same folder onto my WP8 phone and tablet.

    I use WMP and it is fine. I know where the file are and it neither lists songs which aren't there nor fail to show music which is there. No problems.

    However, Xbox Music it is totally confusing. Under my collection it lists: All music, available offline, streaming, Xbox Music Pass, purchased, on OneDrive, and only on this PC. I have no idea what these are as none of the numbers match or make any sense.

    Further, it then goes off an downloads 600+ song to a \Music\Xbox Music\Subscription Cache\ directory with thousands more songs. Resulting in duplicate songs in different albums for half my collection and gigabytes of space wasted?

    Where is it getting these songs from? Why is it downloading them? Why does it add duplicates? Why can't it get the same numbers of songs, artists, and albums as WMP? Is it going to do the same nonsense on my tablet if I run that app?

    Is there any explanation for this behavior?

    Is there any way to stop it?

    If not, what do people do? Never run it? Disconnect from the Internet before running it?

    Help... please.
    04-01-2015 02:30 PM

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