Please save the groove music app.


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May 4, 2016
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On December 1, 2018, the Groove Music iOS and Android apps will be retired. This seems like an easy decision for Microsoft as it hasn’t attracted many users, but it is a huge mistake, because it is needed to complete the usefulness of MS Office and OneDrive.
I choose years ago to subscribe to Office for about $12 a month. This was not only to get access to Office but to also get access to its OneDrive Services. Now OneDrive stores all my documents, photos and music, we use it across all our devices, PC’s, Xbox, and phones for my family of 5. As such we also use Outlook and Hotmail services for their excellent integration of these services.
The retirement of the groove music app kills this eco system for us.
If we can’t take our personal music collection with us on the go, why use OneDrive?
If we need to use another cloud system, why use Office?
If shifting to google services [most likely] why use Outlook email services?
I’ve been selling MS services for years and love to set it all up for our clients, friends and family. But this is really the last straw, how can I tell friends and students to try Hotmail/Outlook, with such a gaping hole in the ecosystem.
You will undoubtably sprout that I could use the popular streaming services, but they aren’t cheap for a family of 5. Then you will say that we can use other cloud music players to play from OneDrive, but I’ve paid for and tried several, and they are very sub-par. The most promising is CloudPlayer by Doubletwist. But it’s no where near the quality of Groove and has an issue where you can’t skip to many tracks without the OneDrive API limit cutting in and making it freeze.
I really don’t want to change entirely over to using/selling/recommending people use Google services, but you guys are making it really hard to promote and use your services.


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Aug 8, 2017
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"I’ve been selling MS services for years and love to set it all up for our clients, friends and family."

Why? You are not doing your "clients, friends and family" any favors by tying them to MS.

Time to move on to something else. Something that actually cares about consumers. I gave up on MS 2 years ago. Tried Android. It is a mess.

Moved on to Apple. Could not be happier. Phones. Tablets. Desktop. Music. Movies. Cloud storage.

It all works together.

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