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Backup home shared drive


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Mar 19, 2022

I have 4 PCs around the house on a network, and they all connect to a mapped drive which is on another PC - this is simply a network share - all PCs have this mapped as T drive.

So I'm thinking of getting Onedrive family for to backup all our stuff - I understand that this will backup my docs on each of the PCs for all of my family - but I'd also like it to back up the T drive network share.

No body generally logs into the computer hosting the T drive, it just sits in a cupboard and provides the T drive.

Using OneDrive to back up all of the My Docs on the PCs is straight forward, but whats the best way to also back up the T drive network share - I'd like the backup to be separate from any of the user onedrives, so we don't accidentally interfere with the backed up folders.

I'd appreciate some advise! Thanks!
Jun 9, 2021
1. Install the OneDrive desktop application on your server and point it at a folder you can find easily, for example, C:\OneDrive (“OneDrive” is the folder name and this folder is on C drive).

2. Creating a subfolder in “OneDrive” called “Data” on C drive ( i.e C:\OneDrive\Data). The OneDrive desktop application will then sync this empty folder with the cloud.

3. Click This PC/Computer on your computer and click “Map Network Drive”, type the network path you would like to access, then, there will be a network drive on your computer with a drive letter.

4. Type cmd in the search box, click it and run as administrator. Type command below to create a symbolic link and press Enter. For example, I only wanted to sync the contents of N:\Data (Data is the folder name and N: is the drive letter of your network drive you map on your computer).

mklink /D data E:\data

This operation is actually creating a fake subfolder called C:\OneDrive\Data which actually points across the Network at N:\Data. When OneDrive syncs contents in C:\OneDrive\Data, it actually syncs the contents of N:\Data.


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Mar 19, 2022
Thanks for your response.

If I do what you've suggested, would that not backup my server to my OneDrive? Then Onedrive would try to sync the contents of my server onto my laptop?

Is there a way I can back it up to a place which is separate on Onedrive to my account?

If I buy Microsoft 365 Family, I get up to 6 One Drive users - perhaps I could set up a 'fake' user which would be used to back up the server (or is this a bad idea?)


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