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    My 64 GB Micro SD card was on the brink of being filled to capacity with Music & Pictures. I bought a '128 GB' replacement that turned out to be bootleg.

    Even though the phone (Lumia 1520 8.1 Update 2) was hard reset, I cannot access the music on the 64GB microSD using Xbox music. However, Third party music app Zbox can access the music.


    Xbox Music Player


    My problem is that I have over 35GB of music stored on that card and the only way that I can access it through Xbox music player is to format the SDcard and replace the music.


    Why isn't there a way for storage sense to sift through the SD cards contents and categorize music and photos?



    Also, photos stored on the SD card do not appear in photo hub but they can all be accessed through Files app. Music can be accessed through Files app.


    It sucks because I can store new apps or move apps onto the SD card but photos and music are virtually inaccessible through the OS default photo and music apps.

    Does Windows 10 rectify this?

    I'd hate to have to wipe the SD card just to be able to see my old photos or listen to my old music.

    Is there a fix for this?
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    04-19-2015 07:08 PM
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    Am having the same exact problem. I even used the windows phone app to sync my music to the SD card while it was in the phone, it showed up in the app and the next day it wouldn't, yet the app ModernMusic plays the music perfectly. Music also is only showing up as other, and I've tried drag m dropping the music both with SD card in phone and in computer, and using the app. :(

    As for my pictures I just saved them all to the on board phone memory
    07-24-2015 12:46 AM

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