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    I heard about pandora patcher from a friend, he told me he was able to use it with no problem so i decided to check it out. I rooted my phone and downloaded xposed framework and I was just checking out the app and was playing around customizing my phone the way i wanted it. Then I installed this pandora patcher and well it didnt work for me. I kept trying to see what the problem was but in the end I found out I didnt have The latest update for the patcher and it wasnt available, so i decided to downgrade pandora to a lower version. Before this pandora was working fine. I was seeing if maybe some setting on pandora will help the patcher install but nothing, I checked that high quality sound and i went back on my research for a lower version of pandora. I installed it and used xposed framework to adjust the preferences and went back to the pandora app and it opened but didnt even get to the log in page. it stayed on the blue screen with the pandora logo and the circle thingy rotating and it wouldnt proceed. since then i tried everything... i even unrooted my phone and factory reset everything but still the pandora app wouldnt open. PLEASE I NEED PROFFESSIONAL HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06-19-2015 12:49 PM

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