1. Windows Central Question's Avatar
    see question :)
    07-17-2015 03:30 AM
  2. rhapdog's Avatar
    I wish I could answer this one. I would like to know the answer myself.

    Hear that, those of you running TP?

    My understanding is that Edge browser will sync between copies of Edge browser only. I'm not sure if it's to the point of being able to handle that on the mobile side of things yet. You would have to be running W10 on Desktop/Tablet AND on the phone in order to sync, if I understand correctly. I don't think there are any plans on allowing it to sync with IE, since IE is being pretty much discontinued.
    07-17-2015 09:02 AM
  3. js14873's Avatar
    anybody know how/where Edge stores it's favorites? I've been using a workaround with IE where I moved the favorites folder on each device to a folder in my OneDrive. That way, OneDrive syncs my IE favorites across my 8.1 phone, Vista home and Win7 work desktops, and 8.1 tablet. That might work with Edge if it stores favorites the same way...and if I could find the folder.

    As of this moment I have my favorites across all devices except the tablet which I updated to 10 this morning.
    07-29-2015 10:35 AM

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