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    For some reason the oldest texts and messages my windows phone will load are from June 2014. I've always used sync messages feature. Do you know why it wont load anything from 2013, even though I have sync messages from all time enabled on my messaging setting? This is really frustrating because Im trying to back to a specific conversation I had August 2013 but it isn't appearing :/. Does Microsoft no longer keep all the messages in a server for viewing, and it only has a limited amount of them or time in there?

    I've tried loading an older save of my phone OS from 2013 but it still only loaded messages from about June 2014 to July 2014. Is there a way to actually specifically download a certain conversation(the whole lifetime of that conversation with a person)? I've had a windows phone from spring 2013 to now so you would think I could download every message we have ever had...

    I've had different phones in that time period but most just replacements (Lumia 928 spring to fall 2013 replaced once in August or September I think, Lumia icon spring 2014 to now with multiple replacements.)
    07-25-2015 10:26 AM

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