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    Because of the recent "critical error: start menu and cortana aren't working" problem i have decided to go back to windows 7. However when i go to settings, recovery and click on "get started" to go back to 7, it says that i have created an account "administrator" and i have to delete it before going back. And when i try to do that i click on accounts, other users there is no other account there to delete. At this point i should say for fixing the first problem, i had done this: open system prompt and type "net user administrator /active:yes" and did some other stuff too which did not work. anyway later when i got the warning to delete the administrator account, i deactivated it it with same method. However when i try again after deactivating and when i am on my main administrator account which i was using in windows 7 too, i still get same warning "you should delete other account". It seems if i delete my main account and use the activated administrator account i will be able to go back to windows 7 but i do not want to delete my main account which includes all programs and documents i have. How can i fix this, i am quite hopeless. Thank you in advance.
    08-11-2015 04:07 PM

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