How to make PC-Linq work between Win10 PCs


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Apr 6, 2015
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I still have PC-Linq cable that used to allow data transfer between 98E and XP in an effective and user-friendly way. I would like to use it between Win10 PCs. There is a 2018 post on the web that claims it still works for Win10, provided it is installed and run As Administrator, and that the Compatibility Mode is set (for WinXP). I have done that and when it failed, I ran the Troubleshooter which came back with 'Mdi is incompatible'. Knowing that PCs often tell diagnostic lies, I figure that the software could be inadequate or any number of other gremlins could be causing the failure. I want to cast a wide net by asking for help in forums. I already know about work-arounds - the easiest being to use a USB-stick - and ethernet-wise, I KNOW that Team Viewer also works. After a great deal of effort, I've had no success with networking through ethernet cable, so spare me reminders about THAT option. The only modern version I could find, was from USBGear - There are user comments about it at which range from EXCELLENT and ABYSMAL. Over to you.

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