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    I have changed my 8gb card for a 16gb. all files show on my pc but when fitted to my phone some files don't appear. pictures / camera roll / whats app. have tried formating new card in the phone then copied from old card,all files show up on pc but when opened on phone all missing.after around 8 hrs on and off getting fed up.if replace old card all are still there. HELP !!!!
    08-23-2015 02:12 AM
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    For photos and media files, try this:
    1. Rename all the folders which contain photos to some temporary name, e.g. from Cats to Catsx
    2. Open your Photo Hub and let it update or synchronize the new folder names
    3. Once that's done, rename the folders back to their original name.

    This has worked with an L535 I used to own. Also, you should notice that the Others Storage in your SD Card is large - this is because the photos etc. are still not recognized by the phone. Hence, by doing the method above, you will be forcing the phone to read and recognize the folders where your images are stored in.

    For apps, simply copying from one SD card to another won't work. This has been discussed elsewhere in great detail in the forums. You would need to download and reinstall the app from the store. If you've synchronized some of the app data in OneDrive, then great; however, all unsynchronized data will be lost.
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    08-23-2015 02:21 AM

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