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    My Wi-Fi broadband connection has become increasingly unstable recently, since installing Window 10 which may or may not be the cause (I was starting to have problems before the upgrade).

    I used to have the connection failing about once a day and was able to restore it in a couple of minutes with the automated diagnostics and troubleshooter, which usually reset the Wi-Fi adapter.

    Now it happens every few minutes, with occasional longer spells, plus the repair has become more difficult, requiring repeated attempts with all the tools available, repeatedly clicking 'enable', plus disconnecting the router.

    What has made it worse is that since the upgrade the reliability of the notifications has plummeted. Frequently one part of the system, for example Settings says 'connected' at the same time as another part says 'disconnected' or 'disabled'. The taskbar icon cannot now be relied on to give a correct indication of the status, showing 'on' when in fact connection to the internet is 'off'.

    A recent report says: connection between access point, router or cable and internet is broken; problem with wireless adapter or access point; default gateway is not available. All three were shown as 'not fixed'. A temporary issue seems to be that the computer was trying to connect to a hotspot, not my home Wi-Fi network. However, when this was corrected the problems dealt with above continued.
    09-27-2015 01:54 PM

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