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    For a while, I'm using the Z97-deluxe with

    - 1x bluetooth adapter
    - 2x gigabit ethernet
    - 1x wifi (physical)
    - 1x wifi (virtual)

    As you might know, the "virtual" is the "Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter". This will share the bandwith with the real (physical) wifi adapter, but is extremmly usefull to set up another network (e.g. a wireless printer, or even an ad-hoc connection).
    This virtual adapter can be set up through command line with "netsh wlan hostednetwork " commands

    My question is :

    There still is another adapter : Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter (???)

    This adapter is named "wireless"
    But it clearly appears like an ethernet connection, (if we trust its icon it the network cards, plus it's written "network cable unplugged" as ethernet have, instead of "not connected" as wifi have...)

    So, what is this yet-another-stranger-vitual-adapter, and most importantly, how can we use it ???
    Thanks a lot !
    11-18-2015 09:41 AM

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