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    Iím hearing a lot of comments about Windows Hello, about this feature not working reliably for many. For the few days Iíve owned the Lumia 950XL Windows Hello has recognized me 100% of the time. Itís worked with and without my glasses. Itís worked in total darkness. Itís worked when I had just awaken with sleep in my eyes. Below is what I did during setup:

    ē I made sure that lighting was sufficient before setting up Hello. I was under an LED light that was pretty bright.
    ē Next, I made sure I was looking at the camera in the upper right corner of the screen. First I made sure my eyes were in view on the screen, and then a looked at the camera and not the screen. This was done without my glasses.
    ē Lastly, I made sure the camera screen surface was normal to my eyes line of sight. Picture this by imagining a laser coming from your eyes, hitting the screen surface and reflecting back into your eyes. I didnít want the screen at an angle.

    I only had to setup Hello once. Never had to refine the setup again. My wife had some issues and I explained how I think itís recognizing me every time, which been probably about 40 - 50 times to date. She says Hello now pretty much recognized her every time.
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    11-28-2015 09:16 PM
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    I’m hearing a lot of comments ........
    How is the battery performance with having this always ON?
    11-28-2015 10:28 PM
  3. JW888's Avatar
    Windows Hello......No problem to me neither. Battery seems ok.
    11-29-2015 11:31 AM

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