1. Zachary Boddy's Avatar
    Hey I was just wanting some suggestions for simplistic, stable, trusted software that will allow me to merge partitioned hard drives, because as far as I know the built-in Windows Disk Manager doesn't support that. I had to partition my hard drive but it's not necessary anymore (I also have some loose ends on my hard drive I'd like to tidy up). Thanks in advance.
    12-13-2015 07:31 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I always boot SystemRescueCD from the cd tray and then run the Gparted program. It's pretty easy to use and, IMHO, everybody should have this toolkit on hand.

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    12-13-2015 08:21 PM
  3. TechFreak1's Avatar
    Try easeus partition manager (home), it's free for private use.

    The defrag software I use is ultimate defrag by disktrix, which is pretty handy for moving data to the front end (high performance) or back end of a partition (archiving).
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    12-13-2015 08:24 PM
  4. jerryemerydelacruz's Avatar
    I haven't found an easy way to merge disk partitions, someone always wants you to get an outside program and the "Merge" option in Disk Manager never seems to be available. I just reinstall the OS and set the partitions after a hard format. Seems quicker in the long run even though it can take up to 6 hours it's still faster than trying to find an answer.
    11-02-2017 08:15 PM

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