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    Whilst roaming in the U.S. my phone insists on connecting to T-Mobile. Even if I search for and select AT&T it will manually revert to T-Mobile after a couple of minutes. For some reason I can't get a data signal with T-Mobile but I can with AT&T hence the reason to want to force my phone to connect to AT&T.

    Note: After I select AT&T the 'Automatically select' option gets ticked and greys out.
    01-12-2016 05:20 PM
  2. RumoredNow's Avatar
    Manually selecting will not override what carrier you have service with.

    If T-Mo is your carrier, you cannot "Roam" on AT&T towers while T-Mo towers are visible.

    You may need to change providers.

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    01-12-2016 05:23 PM
  3. Gary Colclough's Avatar
    Sorry, I should have explained further. My carrier is 3 Mobile in the UK. 3 Mobile have agreements for roaming with both T-Mobile and AT&T in the U.S. I can therefore make and receive phonecalls whilst connected to either network, but for some reason the data connection doesn't work whilst connected to T-Mobile, but does whilst connected to AT&T so I'd like to force connection to AT&T.
    01-12-2016 05:28 PM

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