Why am I unable to Connect to 3-4G?


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Nov 16, 2010
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Unable to Connect to 3-4G

I am in Mexico, carrier Telcel

Several months ago I replaced my lost (carrier acquired) 830 with one I bought unlocked from the internet. as soon I got it I noticed that I was unable to connect to 4G and can rarely connect to 3G. most of the time I am in H+, it gets worse when I have to travel to the US. i get roaming with T-Mobile and can only get Edge.

I noticed that the phone was supplied with rm-1049 which looks like a rom for Asia. After more searching i learned that firmware may disable frequencies. So i downloaded rm-985_1005 from Navifirm which appeared to be an unbranded rom for the Americas.

this was of no use, i am still on H+ most of the time and when traveling to the US i get Edge. I upgraded to WP10 hoping that the upgrade would include a firmware update and still no luck. i am on OS build 10.0.14295.1

When trying to dial ##3282# i get "Something happened and we couldn't complete this action", so i am also unable to enter field testing. Navifirm seems to have gone down, so i am unable to experiment with more ROMs-flashing.

Any ideas? the phone works fine, except for the connection speed, and to be honest it is very frustrating to the point where i am considering getting a new phone. But Telcel is only carrying low-mid level Lumias and those are not an option for me, and since the hardware refresh for windows phone may come until 2017 i may have to move to android and that would really make me die a little bit on the inside.

BTW, Extras+Info, under Manufacturer Name shows RM-985_1005, but at the bottom of the screen, the image says model: RM-1049. is this the case of an incomplete flash? did I flash it the wrong way?
Any help or ideas would be appreciated. thanks in advance.
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Sep 1, 2012
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Re: Unable to Connect to 3-4G

I've no idea man. There may be some info on this over at xda-developers.com if nothing else, you may be able to find a rom that works for you there. ?Buena suerte!

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