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Unable to view default apps after patch update


New member
Mar 7, 2023
Hello Everyone, My name is Kaliswaran, I am a Image customizing Developer, actually I was trying to update Win 11 21H2 version with recent February patch update and sysprep the machine, but when I try to boot the machine again in Audit mode, I am unable to see some of default applications like calculator, paint, snipping tool etc. But if I try to create any local user profile, there I can able to get all applications without issues. So anyone please kindly help on this. (so as I mentioned, Once I am done with Patch update, then only I am facing with this issue, earlier without patch update I can able to see all applications fine in Audit mode). Can anybody help.
Jun 9, 2021
Ok, let me know that Is Microsoft Store working normal? I guess some of your system files needs to be repaired. Run "System File Checker".