1. Windows Central Question's Avatar

    Big question for you guys:

    This morning I found out that I am not longer able to log in to my 6tag Instagram account. I tried to log in via Instagram website but still nothing happend. When I had tried to reset my password the info pop-out "Your account is not active anymore".

    Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? This issue is related only with a WP another platforms?
    01-17-2016 05:09 AM
  2. cocopops's Avatar
    Hey, this happened to all my instagram accounts since Friday. Hope it is just a bug. The account gets disabled only after posting an image from what I have seen.
    01-17-2016 05:44 AM
  3. Eurx's Avatar
    Read Rudy's last tweet. It's about instagram, he is explained.
    01-17-2016 06:33 AM

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