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    Hello, so thanks to Microsoft I've got the replacement order for the Band 2 because a hardware issue has been found: no more sync with the cloud dashboard nor with the app.
    But I'm a running nerd, I bought that device with the only purpose to have some stats, you know, heartbeat, calories, NEAT, etc, and now everything is and will be messed up because since yesterday and until the day that the new device arrives I haven't any data and stats to add.
    In short my disappointment is about:
    - you can't import** / editing / delete any activities or data, so I'll have ten days (until the replacement) with just the estimated metabolism consumption (I'm not wearing it) and nothing more and I'm burning at least 3200 kcal per day

    **because we are not allowed to import anything (let's say from Strava, Runkeeper, Run*anyApp) we are recognized as a newbie where maybe we have 1500 km at 5 min/km

    Do you have some suggestions about that?

    01-22-2016 05:44 AM

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