Windows 10 Mobile build 15245 Discussion (Fast Ring)


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Dec 5, 2014
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To answer Ryujingt3's question... build 15245 is even worse. The screen rotation seems to be better, but I've had 3 random phone reboots that I'm aware of, the same number of phone lockups. Build 15063 was better, if I recall correctly.
Sigh. I just about did a full reset back to Windows Phone 8.1 over the weekend, cuz I was getting fed up...but I decided to reboot and take a breath first.
[edit] page would not take my full comments the first time.
At least the camera takes pictures correctly now, instead of being locked into the wrong orientation like builds 15240 and/or 15237. Which reminds me, the selfie camera caused a crash also this weekend.
Battery life seems not quite as good as the last couple builds.
I've given up on the auto screen brightness feature. That hasn't worked properly for me for a while. In daylight it's fine, but not when it's dark.
True, my HTC One is on the "not good enough" list, but come on.


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Sep 17, 2013
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Sigh. Just when I thought we were making progress.....

After several days of perfect operation (good battery life, no issues) I noticed this morning that A) OneDrive had suddenly consumed a lot of battery and B) BT was showing connected when no devices were in fact turned on. That last one is a fatal flaw (and one that has been around for a while). In that condition, audio is routed to the nonexistent BT and it therefore does not ring or notify on incoming SMS.

So I did a "slide to power off" in preparation for removing the SIM........... and it is currently hung and unresponsive with the slide to power off screen slid fully down. Will they EVER get it right?



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Jul 8, 2017
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My 950XL DS did something very strange today. I plugged it into my charger, and nothing. So I plugged the cable into my laptop to see if the charger had died, and nothing. Tried a different cable into both the laptop and charger, nothing.

Did a soft (I think - held power and vol down buttons) reset on it, and it's now charging.

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