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    This was asked before by another member but got no reply...so I accidentally started a run as a biking activity and didn't realize it until after I was done. It looks like I bike with a heart rate over 170 at 8 MPH! So...how do I fix this? I'm an elite runner and this stuff matters to me. Should be able to edit the activity type but I don't see where.
    04-06-2016 06:17 PM
  2. Brian Gobrecht's Avatar
    Only thing I can think of that would offset the actual HR would be the band is either too tight or loose. That being said he/she might not have the right sided band. Also early band 1's were notorious for having bad heart rate sensors they changed em out with better ones mid stream I believe but not 100% they might of done a better code to get it back to accurate
    If band 2 it's either the siding is wrong or its too loose. It should be snug and not super tight
    04-15-2016 11:33 PM

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