How do you pocket (carry) your phones?


May 6, 2018
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Honestly, I can't figure out how people do it with their massive phones these days. The Lumia 950 was barely pocketable in my pants. The 950 XL was ridiculous, I couldn't sit down and sometimes had to hobble up stairs, but it seems like this is the "normal" size of phones nowadays. I saw Galaxy S21 5G made a best compact phones list and it's nearly the same dang size as the XL! Even the Zenfone 8 which made the same list is barely smaller. Imagine the size of normal, non-compact phones!

When I wear a jacket, sure, I can shove it in the jacket pocket, but what do you do about warmer weather when no jacket is required? Or some of the more fashionable jackets which don't sport massive pockets?
You can't always walk around in cargo pants. Apparently hip-holsters are not going to work at this size and fanny packs are seriously uncool.

What are my options? What does everyone else do short of shoving it in a purse? (So now I need to carry a purse all the time, just for a phone?)


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Jan 24, 2013
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Simple: I've been avoiding bigger and newer since the 950XL for this important reason. I use three "normal" phones: a Lumia 950 daily, an LGV30 (because of its DAC), and a Sony XZ1 Compact (because of its compactness, of course, and because even my other "normals" are still big) (the angroids share a SIM). All of them are more or much-more dated than what most modern types need or want, but each works satisfactorily and fits comfortably enough in the back pocket of any pant I wear, when not in the pocket in any cargo short or jacket I might be wearing. Each phone is usually in a compact case, although I also have leather "book" cases for each one: all options still fit in my pant back pockets fine. I've never owned a man purse, and I've never needed nor wanted a holster, briefcase, nor backpack for a phone either. I suppose those who do use big, wind up shopping for clothes or accessories that fit their phones. Good luck coping with, managing the big choices.

J Dubbs

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Jun 7, 2016
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I think in this situation there are two options: either a bag or a smaller phone.

You have a third choice... the Samsung Z Flip 3 is a 6.7 inch screen phone that folds in half, and becomes tiny. Same with the Moto RAZR 5G. Big screen in a tiny package. Only downside is the folding screen technology is still new. But down the road could be viable options :wink:


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Jan 31, 2019
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I will sometimes carry my iPhone in my back pocket, but only temporarily. I always try and find a purse with a pocket that my iPhone will fit into and provides easy access.


Apr 4, 2014
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Being a man maybe makes a difference as we tend to be bigger and have bigger pockets. I can easily manage to carry my Pixel 6 Pro in one jeans pocket and my Duo in the other. You ladies will have to just put yours in a handbag.

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