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    I am an extreme user of windows phone..i have used so many lumia..such as..720, 920,925,730,430,530,535,830,950xl, &now 640 LTE...but till 8.1 update it worked perfectly...but after windows 10 update i face some problems....why is that..? is Microsoft not interested anymore to serve their Lumia client?

    #Ringtone function is not responding on Lumia 640 LTE
    #Maps compass doesn't work
    # Sometimes display becomes irresponsive.
    # & much more...
    pls let me know those solutions...
    email: DATA EXPUNGED

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    07-24-2016 06:03 PM
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    perhaps you need to do a factory reset to get all things working properly

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    07-25-2016 02:10 AM
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    I think the update's pretty recent (likely within the week), but the compass in Maps finally works. Tap the "show my location" button to toggle between the different compass modes. I should also mention that I'm on the fast ring, so I'm not sure if this update is pushed out to production yet, but it works.
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    08-03-2016 02:38 PM

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