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    I'm looking for a replacement for my Android tablet, that works for me as a typical time-waster. You know - browsing the web, watching tv-shows and such. Probably no gaming, at least no serious stuff like AAA titles and such.

    My biggest problem with Android devices is that they aren't really as flexible as a normal computer, and either way for most of the time I need to drag my Mac with me.

    I wanted to buy myself a Surface Pro 4 with the Core m3.

    However I have four biggest fears:
    - Power. I know that using Core m3 for gaming isn't the best idea, but what about doing that basic stuff and keeping things fluid, especially compared to half as expensive Android tablets.
    - Batery life. Same as above. From my previous experience with Windows machines (that in fact stopped around Windows 8.1) I know that battery life is a bit hit and miss. Especially when launching poorly designed x86 programs, that drain battery because they can. But - maybe - things have changed? I now that I can expect a solid battery estimation from my mac and a typical mobile-tablet. Are things similar with Surface?
    - Buggy launch. I've seen lots of threads about SP4 being quite buggy at launch. Have this changed after updates?
    11-23-2016 06:13 AM
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    The M3 will be fine. The weaker Surface 3 is keeping plenty of other people moving.

    Battery life should be fine but it can change as usage changes. I haven't really found battery life estimation issues that weren't the fault of the battery or anything.

    It should be reasonably solid.
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    11-24-2016 10:19 AM

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