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Feb 15, 2012
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Hi all,

Just picked up a Surface Duo 1 off Amazon.. brand new 256GB. My previous phone is Nokia 5.4, previous Nokia 8, previous HP Elite x3.... I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10" tablet.

Going from the Nokia 8 to the 5.4 was definitely a noticeable downgrade in CPU speed (but an upgrade in Android OS support, which I needed at the time for work). I'm sure the Duo 2 is much faster then the Duo 1, but the Duo 1 is soo much faster then the Nokia 5.4 it is a big upgrade for me.

It also fits in my back and front pants pockets, which I wasn't sure if it would. Since I'm not used to the screen size, the screen does seem a little small, but if I need more real estate, I drag the app to use both screens and that is very comfortable. It's really wonderful for mobile use. It's so comfortable and natural to hold--hold the left side screen in your left hand, and type and navigate on the right side with your right hand. It's a wonderful experience.

I'm already a fan of the Microsoft Launcher so I was instantly familiar with the Duo's interface. It's completely intuitive how the dual screens work and how to interact with them. Mine is on Android 12. I find it quite fluid and most apps act just fine with the dual screens with an occasional hiccup when rotating the screen.

I can highly recommend the Duo 1 for anyone coming from a little older phone. It's still a great upgrade and I find it to work well as it is. Yes it has it's quirks that are addressed in the Duo 2 (like the camera position and the flashlight in your eyes--hilarious) but it's not as terrible as the reviews make it out to be.

I sincerely hope Microsoft continues the Duo development in the years to come. Microsoft would have taken the market with the Courier back in the day if this is half of what that was.

(I'm open to questions about it)


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